2 September 2019 A completely new mobile client:

Ixtlan Forum IxtlanBoard eNadzorni svet eSeje uprave eSupervisory board eManagement board

After more than a year of development, the completely reinvented application Ixtlanboard has finally seen the light of day. The application is already available through all markets (Androidplay, iStore, Windows store) at https://updates.enadzornisvet.si. Here are the main ameliorations:

  • Supported functioning of Management Board sessions
  • Improved stability and functioning speed
  • Restructured part for reviewing documents, with new functions
  • Added "Activities" column where each of the users can see activities they need to perform
  • Restructured part for messages. Attachments can also be sent
  • Ameliorated transparency of sessions and decisions

18 February 2019 Excellent Credit Rating affirmed


The Bisnode analytical house, the largest partner company of the Dun&Bradstreet rating agency, is performing financial analyses of companies in the framework of an international project. It has a long-standing tradition of awarding Excellent Credit Rating certificates in 18 European countries, including Slovenia. The Excellent Credit Rating represents an above-average credit rating value of economic operators. It is based on accounts of said operators for the last financial year, thus announcing safe business operations in the 12 months to follow. The Excellent Credit Rating is awarded to the best companies having a key differential advantage when it comes to performing business operations.

According to analyses for 2018, the economic operator IXTLAN FORUM, d.o.o., belongs to the group of the best business operators in Slovenia, thus being classified among the highest class, AAA. For the fourth time, Bisnode chose the economic operators deserving of the Golden Excellent Credit Rating score (companies that, according to the new failure score model, have reached the highest class, AAA, for three times in a row); this year, your economic operator is also a part of this group.

This is a prestigious edition of the Excellent Credit Rating and the highest certificate that can be awarded on the European level by the company Bisnode AB.