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An easier, more efficient support for the decisions of the Management Board

"e-Sessions of the Management Board" is a specialized solution supporting the decision-making process of the Management Boards of companies. All in one place.

Since the entire process of conducting General Meetings of the Management Board is both digitalized and automated, it can quickly adapt to your needs and wishes:

In addition to the field of operation related to General Meetings of the Management Board, the solution can also cover the work of Supervisory Boards and other support bodies of a company (councils, committees, etc.). By automating all iterative and manual processes, the solution saves a lot of time to all those involved when it comes to performing their job tasks. Long-term effects of an increase in efficiency are also visible. 

The members of the Management Board, executive directors and supervisors will perform their job tasks quicker, faster and in a more efficient manner,  by having access to all important information at any time and in any place.

Performing their tasks will no longer be strictly bound to their offices. They'll be able to work from anywhere, at any time, through all stationary computers, laptops, or tablet computers.

Benefits of use of the e-Solution

The entire work process of Management Board meetings is supported:

  • All information needed for the work of the Management Board, reunited in one place. If you are a member of several bodies of the company, you can immediately choose the desired area of work (Management Board meetings, Supervisory Board, committees, etc.)
  • Guaranteed security of the entire working process
  • 24/7, you can also work on mobile devices, tablet computers, and smartphones (WIN, Android, iOS)
  • The entire work process of Management Board meetings is supported and automated:
  • Quickly find information in the entire archive, with enabled search according to the content of each individual document
  • Simply add your own e-notes in order to prepare for the meeting, mark important parts of the materials, comments during the meeting, etc.
  • Quickly vote by correspondence, even via your smartphone
  • Possibility of printing out documents (watermark-protected)
  • Work process of Management Board meetings:
  • Preparation of decision proposals
  • Confirmation of decision proposals
  • Preparing for the meeting, adding decisions
  • Preparing and confirming items on the agenda
  • Sending out materials
  • Preparing the minutes of a meeting
  • Assigning tasks for realization with reminders
  • Monitoring the realization of decisions with a detailed decision scoreboard
  • Voting by correspondence via tablet phones and smartphones