Conduct a General Meeting without worries

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We are there to help you, from the very beginning of the preparations up to the final technical implementation of your General Meeting. Regardless of how things work out during your General Meeting, we guarantee you it will run smoothly, without unnecessary complications and errors.

In the past 25 years, we have helped conduct more than 2,000 General Meetings of shareholders, both at home and abroad, thus setting a standard for the technical implementation of a General Meeting.

The smallest companies with a couple of shareholders, as well as the largest companies, banks, and insurance companies trust us with the implementation of their General Meetings. We can also help you and provide consultation when it comes to questions related to the preparation and the implementation of your General Meeting.

Help with the preparation of necessary documents for the General Meeting, printing the documents for the General Meeting

Preparation for the General Meeting: processing and entering applications and authorizations, organized collection of authorizations, preparation of decisions for the voting process

What you get 

  • Fast registration of participants, without congestions and waiting
  • Preparation of a list of participants, quorum establishment and display
  • Statements displaying the voting results
  • The solution quickly adapts to all unforeseen developments in the General Meeting: additional votes, unforeseen counter-proposals, procedural orders, etc.
  • The shareholders can safely and simply vote via tablet computers.
  • Due to a screening of the unfolding of the General Meeting, the participants will be able to follow it without issues and will therefore be provided with better information.
  • Tablet computers and projection screens display all necessary information, the contents of the agenda, quorum, the results of all voting processes, etc. to the participants.