Save time and ensure the necessary safety when it comes to the work of your Supervisory Board

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Management Boards of companies must provide members of Supervisory Boards with access to all necessary data and information related to their work. Due to the nature of said work and to the confidential nature of data, the entire process requires a high degree of safety.

The existing situation in Slovenia in the field of the digitalization of the work performed by Supervisory Boards indicates that most companies do not yet have an established modern system for the functioning of supervisory authorities. In addition, the companies also do not provide suitable security when it comes to sending and accessing materials and communications.

Benefits of use 

 Complete solution

  • Save time and facilitate the work process of secretaries, members of Supervisory Boards and Management Boards of companies
  • All necessary information for the work of a Management Board in one place (minutes of meetings, committees, financial information, statutes, rules of procedure, the entire archive of documents, etc.)
  • Ensuring the safety of the entire work process of the Supervisory Board
  • Easier preparation for the meeting: adding notes and marking important parts of documents, comments of other people from the meeting, etc.
  • Possible to use on desktop computers, laptops, tablet computers and smartphones (WIN, Android, iOS)
  • Simple voting at correspondence meetings. Quick voting via tablet computers or smartphones
  • Possibility of safe document printing (watermark protection)
  • Simple use, quick transition to work. An average user needs 20 minutes to familiarize themselves with the working process.

Many companies still send their materials via e-mail, without additional safety passwords. Members of Supervisory Boards can use the repository of documents to transfer documents to their own devices without being controlled as they do so. In addition, it is often hard for them to ensure the appropriate level of security for the archives where the documents are stored (be it in paper or electronic format). The primary responsibility for a suitable arrangement of this field lies in the hands of supervisors and Management Boards of companies.

The eSupervisory Board is a solution intended to help secretaries, members of Supervisory Boards and members of their committees to spend less time doing their work in a more efficient manner. It supports the entire process while simultaneously ensuring the highest degree of safety of the work of the Supervisory Board.

In addition, it also enables safe and simple work on tablet computers and smartphones (Android, iOS, WIN).