Electronic general meeting of shareholders - European legislation

Enhance the convenience of shareholders and ensure safe conduct of the general meeting
The general meeting of shareholders may also take place electronically. Shareholders attend the general meeting through sound and video signal transmission and cast their votes in a safe and secure manner. They can arrange their registration for the general meeting, authorisations and digital identification in advance. Shareholders may ask questions before or at the general meeting and make proposals.


Hybrid general meeting 

Electronic general meeting  

These meetings are held in a chamber in the presence of the management board, notary public, tellers and also the shareholders who want to attend the meeting. Shareholders who wish to monitor the general meeting and cast their vote at a remote location will be provided the possibility to do so. Shareholders who attend the general meeting on-line must also provide their e-mail address and phone number upon log-in. On the basis of this information, a digital identification will be performed upon log-in and the shareholder will receive the data for access and casting vote.

These general meetings will take place strictly remotely and there is no physical contact between the participants. We will take care of a secure video and audio signal, and provide our own application for casting a vote. We will also ensure the necessary technical preparations for smooth performance (the list of the present shareholders digitally signed by the chairman, digital identification of the chairman by the notary public, signed results of the vote, etc.).

Advantages of the electronic general meeting:

  • Use the technology for shareholders' satisfaction. The electronic general meeting offers you several open options and at the same time minimises the need for travel and physical presence.
  • Simple performance for shareholders
  • Electronic real-time monitoring and voting
  • Adjustment of the graphical design of an individual general meeting
  • Possibility for integrating different content (sound, sound and images, video content prepared in advance, PPT presentations, live video streaming of an individual shareholder, etc.)
  • Easy and smooth organisation for issuers (authorisations, questions known in advance, etc.)

Exact specifications

1.Adaptation to the individual general meeting

We can perform a hybrid or a strictly virtual general meeting. We can also transmit audio or video signal. If desired, individual shareholders can also participate through audio and video signal, questions can be asked in writing or in real time.

  • Graphics and functional adjustment of the interface to a general meeting
  • The entire general meeting is conducted by our own team of experts
  • All relevant data are always available to issuers. Therefore, during the preparations for the general meeting, drawing up authorisations, questions; data on an individual vote are also available
  • Issuers receive a full report – including the video


2. Safe and flexible platform

  • The layout of the server structure provides all security features.
  • Experienced professional staff are available for carrying out a general meeting (over 1,000 general meetings conducted)
  • Provision of a duplicated infrastructure for safe execution
  • Possibility of installing the infrastructure to any MS AZURE platform