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Board Portal is an online workspace purpose-designed to streamline the governance process. It gives members of SB and directors secure, private and up-to-date access to SB meetings, board and committee documents and governance information, anytime, anywhere.

Unlike simplistic consumer sync applications which are inherently insecure and are not fully featured, Board Portal has specific modules and extensive security controls.

Another way to think about the value of Board Portal is that it is the way to control, manage and track everything that happens before, during and after the meeting.

Board Portal also provides the Board and committee members with robust functionalities which simplify operations. From meeting pack management to meeting actions, Board Portal provides a toolkit for exemplary governance.

Because company directors can access documents more easily, and executive assistants and company secretaries can organise meeting material more quickly and simply, Board Portal will help your board operate better.

Forward-thinking Board members and directors use Portals to power exceptional boards