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A Board Portal on EASY documents platform is an online workspace purpose-designed to streamline the corporate governance process. It gives members of SB and directors secure, private and up-to-date access to SB meetings, board and committee documents and governance information, anytime, anywhere.

Our solution consists of two parts. First part is a solution on top of the EASY documents platform. Complete solution have an already built-in workflow to support almost all different usages.

Second part is a mobile solution. Mobile solution is a dedicated app on Apple, Android and Windows devices. It is very easy to use, yet extremely powerful. It is a tool for top executives to interact with corporate governance process. 

The main activity of our company is organizing shareholders meetings for all major shareholders organizations in our County. Top executives and Secretaries in theese companies  expressed a desire to better organize also other parts of their Corporate

Governance process. Most of the companies have their Board meeting material in paper, which makes the whole process slow and Secretaries and executives are losing their precious time for compiling, printing, distributing papers. In our faster and faster moving world a digitalization of Corporate governance processes also makes Companies more agile and more competitive on the market.  So we developed a tool, that is specialized in making the whole process less time Consuming and better organized.

Our motivation, story and reason for   development:

Companies failing to systematically digitalize their business processes will lose their compet-itive advantage; this especially holds true for the sectors of banking and insurance. Digitalization changes business models. The Management Board of a company is the body respon-sible for the digitalization of the entire company.           Our solution represents a digitalization of the corporate governance process in a manner that will help the users save time while making their work easier.  While developing our solution we analyzed all the best tools on the market, to give our clients everything they need. The key component of our solution is simplicity. Users on average need 20 minutes to learn how to use our application, yet it gives them completely all functionalities they need.  Does your company need a tool to digitalize corporate governance process? Such, that every manager will be extremely grateful?

All the functionalities top executives will use are already built in. Here are some of them:

Private annotations on documents

Managers can write private memos on meetings, individual resolutions or documents. Our own wiewer offers possibilities of highlight text, scratch on documents and bookmark important pages. It also offers search functionality and 2 page wiev.

Advanced full text search

Our full text search offers search on entire archive. It can also search content of attachments. In front of every search result is an icon, that shows what specific search result is (meeting, resolution or attached document). If an user opens a document it automaticaly shows search results within specific document.
In case of search functionality within resolutions it is possible to filter search results on certain fields like date, status of a resolution, person responsibible, etc

Email or chat

Our solution have allready build in functionality of internal comunication among users. Users can also attach a documents

Out of meetings minutes and resolution approvals

Users can vote on resolutions and approve different documents like minutes of the meeting also out of the meeting. This feature is very usefull for decisions, that cannot wait fort he next meeting. All votes and approvals are safely stored in audit trail.

Calendar and planner Key dates entry

All upcoming events are viable in a calendar. Entries in the calendar can be made also on a individual user

Version control across all documents

Meetings of a supervisory board and board of directors includes a lot of documents. With our solution it is easy to make a last minute changes of every document. Users can see latest document, but all previous verzions are safely stored in a EASY DMS.

Directory of members and contact details

Our logo fort this product is – everything you need is here and easy to access. This includes our directory of users, where you can find contact info of all users.

Custom branding

We can include your companys logo, pictures, etc in our solution. Even more. We can include different design for each entity of the same company. For example we can include one design for Management board and different for Supervisory board of the same company. All entities can be accesed throught SSO (Single sign on)

Audit trail

The platform, already in its design, provides maximum safety and protection of every individual part and as a whole. As a basis for its operations, it uses recognized, tested and certified solutions. All mobile applications, on all platforms, are the result of our own development and, thus, has not been exposed to external risks.
• Data and documents are not saved. When an user logs out, or is inactive for a specific amount of time, all documents on the device are erased. An exception is made only in the case of stored documents for viewing in offline mode, which are encrypted.
• 256 - bit Digicert SSL encryption is used for all communication and all data transfers
• Data on the device is encrypted using AES encryption and a 256-bit key

Multi language support

Currently supported languages are English, German, Slovenian and Croatian