Digitalization of the work process of the Supervisory Board of Krka d.d., Novo mesto

Krka d.d., Novo mesto represents one of the largest, most successful companies in Slovenia. For more than 65 years, it has successfully implemented its strategical orientation while following its mission and its vision as one of the top generic pharmaceutical companies in the world. The company intensively develops innovative generic medications, the so-called "added-value generic medications" which are a fruit of its own labour. The company sells its products to more than 70 countries worldwide. Its group is composed of 34 companies, both in Slovenia and abroad.

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As the members of the Supervisory Board were replaced in the summer of 2017, the company wanted to modernize the business processes of the Supervisory Board. Up until that time, their work mostly took place on paper. Now, the supervisors wanted a more modern, 24/7 access to documents in their electronic format, while also ensuring a high level of security of these business processes due to the confidential nature of the information contained in these documents.


The Supervisory Board adopted a decision to replace paper-based business processes with digitalized ones. The company tried to find the most appropriate e-solution for their work. Since most generic solutions (data repositories such as SharePoint etc.) failed to meet all security-related standards and functional criteria of the work performed by the Supervisory Board, they finally opted for the "e-Nadzorni svet" solution after having performed all substantive and security-related checks. The main reason for having opted for this solution were: a specialized solution tailored to the functioning of the Supervisory Board, an entire supported process with a guaranteed high degree of security, the possibility of work for the supervisors on mobile devices (tablet computers, smartphones) and a possibility of adding e-notes. An important element was also a quick transfer and beginning of work, since an average supervisor learns how to use the solution in approximately 20 minutes. Upon transferring to said new solution, we have taken care of the entire preparation and training process, while also ensuring a quick implementation of the project (import of the archives of documents, training secretaries, etc.).

The company opted for the entire process of digitalization of the work of the Supervisory Board. In addition to the "e-Nadzorni svet" solution, the supervisors were also handed iPad tablet computers enabling them to work in a more simple manner.


Before the solution was introduced, the work of the Supervisory Board was only performed on paper, due to safety reasons. A lot of time was spent for the entire process of preparing and printing documents, sending them, and ensuring all amendments were recorded. On average, about 2 days were spent for all processes related to the preparation of paper documents for each individual session. The supervisors brought an extensive amount of documents with them to sessions. During the preparation process itself, they needed more time to find information from different sources, their own notes, document archives, etc. They mostly kept the archives of documents of the Supervisory Board and of its committees with them.

After the implementation of the "e-Nadzorni svet" solution, the paper-based business operations were no longer needed. This solution makes it possible to save a lot of time while preparing for sessions. Now, the entire process of preparing and sending documents is performed in approximately 20 minutes. All additional materials and amendments are also sent in a matter of minutes. The supervisors are provided with all information they need for their work in one place, accessible via all devices. The use of tablet computers provides for the best experience of the supervisors. Now, they can use iPads to simply check their documents, prepare for sessions, add their own notes, and quickly find all information in the entire archive. They can also quickly vote at correspondence meetings via their smartphone.


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